Welcome to my personal website and blog!

Over the past 10 years I’ve traveled to over 400 cities speaking and working on the front-lines of the culture war. I post every Thursday on one of three topics: Pro-Life, Fundraising, Faith & Culture.

A few quick facts about me…

I’m from Tyler, Texas, a Dallas Cowboys fan, and my dad is the oldest of eleven children in a large Irish family — I love good (or bad) Irish jokes. I am the youngest of three. I have an older brother who has five kids and at one point played professional baseball and older sister who has five kids and married one of the funniest people I know.

For all of high school I considered the priesthood and ended up going to college with the intention of becoming a lawyer. Those plans got put aside after I was asked to work for the local pro-life organization that my future wife and I volunteered for. Our lives have never been the same since.

I got married at twenty-one years of age and married way up to a beautiful woman who is much smarter than I am (this is not false modesty and has been officially documented since we attended the same high school and college).

We have five beautiful children and, God willing, more on the way. Our children are a blessing and a daily reminder of how much God loves us and how not to take ourselves so seriously.

I love to read and this habit is what makes my heavy travel schedule tolerable. In all of my travels and of all the speeches I have given over the past twelve years the question I get the most is “How old are you?” I am 33 so while my apparent baby face is a little embarrassing, at the end of the day I really only have to shave every other day so who can complain?

I’m Catholic which being from the Bible belt of East Texas greatly prepared me for working alongside wonderful evangelical brothers and sisters in the culture war. My favorite Baptist preacher quote was told to me in college, “The world hasn’t ended yet, so God still must want something from us.”

On the road I have met the best people that America has to offer and perhaps the most needed during this crucial time in history. Since high school I have been convicted that the fight to protect the dignity of the human person is the ultimate cause of our lifetime.

Official Biography

Shawn Carney is one of the youngest and most sought-after speakers in America today.

Shawn began in the pro-life movement in college as a volunteer and after college was asked to be the Executive Director of the organization he volunteered for, the Coalition for Life which is made up of over 60 churches in Texas.

Shawn’s passion for local pro-life ministry led to rapid growth during his years as executive director. Shawn helped recruit and train thousands of volunteers, increased the income of the organization’s annual banquet from $80,000 to $322,000, and orchestrated the purchase and remodeling of a new office next door to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility to offer free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and loving support to women. Shawn knows and understands firsthand the joys and challenges of running a local pro-life organization and of putting on a local fundraising banquet.

As a speaker and consultant Shawn has helped non-profits raise over $22 MILLION for their missions.

In 2004, Shawn helped to lead the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign in College Station, Texas. This breakthrough initiative – made up of 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion, round-the-clock peaceful vigil outside a local abortion center, and grassroots door-to-door outreach – dropped local abortion numbers by 28%.

Beginning in 2007, Shawn helped to expand 40 Days for Life as a national and then international movement. Today 40 Days for Life has been done in 579 cities in all 50 states and 30 countries including England, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Uganda, and Russia.

His efforts have mobilize more than 650,000 pro-life volunteers over the last 8 years. 40 Days for Life has confirmed reports of 10,331 mothers choosing life and 118 abortion center workers who have has conversions and left their jobs, including former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson who walked into Shawn’s office just next door to her abortion facility.

Shawn is a regular media spokesperson and his work has been featured on hundreds of media outlets including Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor”, The New York Times, The Laura Ingraham Show, The Drudge Report, and USA Today, and Christian media, including The Christian Post, National Catholic Register, Salem Radio, Relevant Radio, EWTN Radio, and Focus on the Family.

Shawn also serves as executive producer and host of the new pro-life television series, “Being Human,” which airs in 128 million homes via the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

Shawn’s experience in local and international pro-life ministry has led him across America, inspiring audiences at pregnancy center events, conferences, fundraising banquets, churches, colleges, and high schools. His passion for helping women and the unborn is contagious.

Shawn lives in Texas with his wife and five children.